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UK Flood Risks

Flood risk is now a fact of life in the UK. Reports of flooding are now on average twice as frequent as they were one hundred years ago in the UK, and experts from the Met Office and world leaders in climate change predict we could see a significant increase in flood risk in the coming years.

Flooding Facts in the UK

  • Property, land and assets to the value of £214 billion are at risk of flooding in England and Wales
  • The Environment Agency spends £300m a year on flood defences and reports that 43% of existing flood defences are in a fair, poor or very poor state of repair (source: Environment Agency)
  • The damage bill from the devastating floods of 2007 cost in excess of £3 billion (source: ABI)

Homeowners and solicitors can now benefit from the Homecheck Professional Flood Report which highlights the potential flood risk to a property. For more information on the Flood Report please click here.

Landmark Data Index

The Landmark Data Index is a unique online tool which assesses the potential environmental risks facing residential and commercial property in England, Scotland and Wales.

The map to the right represents the percentage of residential properties at potential flood risk within different postal towns across the UK.

To find out more about potential flood risk in your area, please contact 0844 845 9921 or email flud@homecheckpro.co.uk

Map Source: The Landmark Data Index – based on flooding and extreme flooding from rivers or sea without defences.

For more information contact us on 0844 845 9921 or email flud@homecheckpro.co.uk
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