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Professional UK Flood Risk Assessment Reports

In June 2007, many areas in the UK experienced unprecedented, devastating floods. With over 55,000 homes and businesses flooded (BBC) the cumulative claims to insurance companies was estimated at £3 billion (BBC). Tens of thousands of flood victims were forced into temporary accommodation and almost a year on, some families were still living in cramped conditions with very basic facilities.

The need for a Homecheck Professional Flood Report when you are buying a home has never been more compelling. Although a standard environmental report does provide some flood information, only the property-specific Homecheck Professional Flood Report features clear assessment and detailed flood risk information from leading data providers as well as providing a valuable insurability rating and information on past insurance claims.

Why Insurance is Not Sufficient to Protect Against the Risk of Flooding

It is vital to have buildings and contents insurance, and ideally this will at least repay the cost of building repairs and contents replacement, following flooding. But insurance:
  • Won't protect you against the distress or inconvenience caused by being in temporary accommodation for lengthy periods.
  • Won't protect you against a potential fall in the value of their home.
  • Won't stop future insurance premiums rising exponentially e.g. a premium of £500 being increased to £10,000.

Not only is it vital to be aware of current insurability options on a property, but also about all types of flooding risk: hence the importance of obtaining a Homecheck Professional Flood Report.

Key Features & Benefits to a Homecheck Flood Report

Traditionally, flood risk assessment has been based on indicative flood data. The Homecheck Professional Flood Report is able to differentiate between properties within a flood plain, identifying, for example, those properties on higher ground which therefore face reduced or no risk.

In addition, the Homecheck Professional Flood Report includes the following, making it the most comprehensive of all flood risk reports on the market:

NEW Surface Water (pluvial) and 75-year return period data

Exclusive, ground breaking data on surface water run-off (pluvial) flooding. According to the Pitt Review, 50% of the 2007 floods occurred away from EA floodplains, with 60-70% due to pluvial flooding. Also, In addition to the 100 and 1000 year return periods supplied by the EA, the report includes a 75-year dataset – this is key as the UK Insurance industry (through the ABI) has committed to providing flood cover as part of standard buildings insurance in any location with a lower than 1 in 75 year flood risk.

• Norwich Union Flood Risk and Insurability

Indicates the likelihood that one of Britain's leading insurers would insure your client's property. The data also gives a property-specific flood risk assessment of both river and coastal flooding.

• Unique Flood Insurance Claims Data

Claims numbers are a strong indicator of flood risk. Our flood risk reports assess the volume of verified flood insurance claims made in your client's postcode sector.

• British Geological Survey (BGS) Susceptibility to Groundwater Flooding

Your clients don't need to be near a river or the sea to be flooded. This valuable data identifies where groundwater flooding could potentially occur.

• BGS Geological Flooding Indicators

Past flooding gives a strong clue to where flooding may occur in the future. BGS identifies geological deposits associated with flooding to show where potential future flooding could occur.

• Official Environment Agency Data on Flood Risk

The report also includes key flood data from the UK government sanctioned source.

• Up-front Flooding Assessment

Colour coded assessment on the introduction page shows you whether any issues are present.

The Homecheck Professional Flood Report is available at just £16.15 (plus VAT). To place an order or for more information please contact 0844 845 9921 or email flud@homecheckpro.co.uk. You can now order directly online at www.homecheck.co.uk.

For more information contact us on 0844 845 9921 or email flud@homecheckpro.co.uk
Homecheck Professional Flood Report